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Dongtai Huixin New Materials Co., Ltd

Dongtai City Pigments Chemical Works

Specializing in the production of organic pigments

Now produces nearly 20 varieties of phthalocyanine and azo series organic pigments


Now it produces nearly 20 varieties of phthalocyanine and azo series organic pigments; There are nearly 50 varieties of printing pastes,
all of which have the advantages of "good color light, high strength, high fineness, good dispersion and various excellent fastness"

Azo Series


■   Golden red

■   Lithol Red

■   Lithol Scarlet

■   Benzidine Yellow 10G

■   Benzidine Yellow

Printing Pigment


Dongtai Huixin New Materials Co., Ltd
(Dongtai City Pigments Chemical Works)

Our factory is situated in the eastern suburbs of Dongtai City by the Yellow Sea. Founded in 1985, it is one of the earliest factories at home which produces organic pigments. For several years running, our factory has been chosen through appraisal as a known-star enterprise, a municipal civilized unit, an enterprise abiding by contracts and promises, a unit with its products trustworthy in quality...




Add: Sizao Town, Dongtai City, Jiangsu Province, China

P.C.: 224248

Manager: Chen Zhihui

Tel: +86-515-85461888(Manager)

  +86-515-85166666(Sales department)

  +86-515-85460238(Supply department)

Fax: +86-515-85460338

E-mail: js@dtpigment.com

URL: www.myweeklycalls.com





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